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Impressions of the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone 2011

珠海經濟特區印象 2011


In January 2011, I visited another area in southern China, the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone, just north of Macao. Travelling to Zhuhai by bus from Hong Kong takes a few hours as the bus has to cross the Pearl River via the only bridge, which has been often very busy. I spent two days there visiting a longtime friend who is working in the United International College (UIC), which was co-founded by Hong Kong's Baptist University and the Beijing Normal University. UIC offers a variety of degrees to students in China and Hong Kong and international students from many parts of the world. I captured the following three sets of images: the campuses of universities from other parts of China, the people from all walks of life and various scenes on the way to Zhuhai and in Zhuhai and the neighbouring areas. Have a look.

Campuses of Universities from Other Parts of China (Replay)


Images of People from All Walks of Life in Zhuhai (Replay)



Other images of Zhuhai and the neighbouring areas (Replay)

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