South China Morning Post interviewed Fang Zheng* in Hong Kong on 2 June 2012 (SCMP, 3.6.2012)

*Fang said in the interview in Hong Kong. "...On June 4, 1989, I was among a group of students leaving the Tiananmen Square...I rushed back to pick up a female student who had fainted when I realised that a row of tanks was racing towards us, I pushed the girl towards a guard rail by the pavement, but a tank ran over my legs and dragged me for some distance..." (SCMP, 3.6.2012)

Fang Zheng talking to students on hunger strike in Hong Kong on 2 June 2012 (Front page of Apple Daily 3.6.2012 with headline: "Tiananmen Mission Extended to Victoria Park")


23rd Anniversary of June 4 Candle-light Vigil



4.6.2012, Victorial Park, Hong Kong


Fang Zheng at candlelight vigil in HK 2012

Fang Zheng talked to some 180,000 attendees at the vigil, "...Hong Kong is really an ocean of love and conscience. It was stunning to see the sea of candle light... I have to thank you all on behalf of the victims..." (SCMP, 5 June 2012)

Many thanks to my friend who sent me the photos taken at the vigil which I missed this year.

23 Years on, we have not forgotten...



June 4 Memorial Museum in Hong Kong 2012
香港六四紀念館 2012

June 4 Memorial Museum in Hong Kong

Artefacts from Tiananmen Square (May to June 1989)

Visitors looking at the artefacts

A T-sheet signed by students in Tiananmen Square

A reporter's surgical mask stained with student blood

Hong Kong students visiting the museum

Events leading to the bloody crackdown on June 4

Dr Jiang Yanyong,"...within 2 hrs, 7 of the 89 hit by bullets admitted to our A&E died...."

Museum volunteers explaining
to the visitors

In memory of Hu Yaobang (1915-1989) and Fang Lizhi (1936-2012)

Visitors wrote message cards yearning for democracy in China

"Vindicate June 4, my quest for freedom will never change"

"I'm a post-90 ignorant of June 4, thank you for the truth...I won't forget those who died..."

"Don't forget June 4! Vindicate June 4. RIP Martyrs..."

"One day, we will be able to build a memorial for you, vive la démocratie!"

Newspaper clipping of an advertisement on June 5, 1989 by CY Leung (HK's CE Elect 2012) condemning the bloody crackdown

Visitors examining the souvenirs in the museum

Museum library with books, photos and other archives

Students taking photos with the Goddess of Democracy

History gallery: Call for democracy in China

Hongkongers and the June 4 Pro-democracy Movement

Hong Kong student visitors at the museum

Opening hours: Mon-Fri (10-6);Sat/Sun/holidays(12-8) up to 10 June 2012

Vindication of June 4 is now becoming closer and closer to us ...


25,000 Marched Demanding Probe into Li Wangyang's Death
2.5萬人申寃 還李旺陽清白
Hong Kong 香港 10.6.2012

Li Wangyang (1950-2012), a labour activist from Hunan Province, was jailed for 21 years for taking part in the Beijing's pro-democracy movement in 1989. He died amid suspicious circumstances in a hospital on 6 June 2012. Authorities said he committed suicide. His body was cremated before a full investigation was conducted...

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