Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong 2014


(From Occupy Central with Love and Peace to Umbrella Movement)


Hong Kong 香港 


  August 31, 2014: PRELUDE  (2014年8月31日: 前奏)

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September 2014: BIRTH OF UMBRELLA MOVEMENT: Occupy Sites in Admiralty, Mongkok and Causeway Bay
(2014 年9月: 雨傘運動的誕生:佔領區金鐘旺角及銅鑼灣Apple Daily video 1 video 2


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October 2014: Umbrella Movement Continued in Three Occupy Sites

(2014 年10月: 雨傘運動繼續佔領金鐘、旺角銅鑼灣)


's Kristie Lu Stout interviewed Jimmy Lai Youtube video


Click to view SCMP's three-part interview with Joshua Wong, one of the student leaders who sparked the Umbrella Movement Part I, Part II and Part III (In Cantonese with English captions)
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November 2014: Banners of "I Want True Elections ! (我要真普選)" Displayed in Many Parts of Hong Kong and Yellow Brollies Galore...
(2014 年11月: 雨傘運動遍地開花- "我要真普選!")


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Lennon Wall HK 連儂牆香港

December 2014: Protesters: "It's just the beginning" and "We'll be back!"
(2014 年12月: 雨傘運 “誓必歸來!”)

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Mapping the Admiralty Protest sites

Mapping Out the Protest Sites (at Admiralty) for History (SCMP)

        UmbrellaCity the story continues": A documentary by Hark Y
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Wall and Wishes
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