Professor Charles K. Kao

The Nobel Exhibition in Hong Kong 2010

"The Lore of a Laureate"

Re-Runs from 24 May to 10 September 2010

CUHK Main Library (open to public-free admission)

Mon-Sat: 10am - 6pm (closed at 4pm on Saturdays from 16 Jul to 22 Aug)
Sun: 1pm - 6pm (closed from 16 Jul to 22 Aug)


2009年諾貝爾物理學獎成果展覽 2010

(重展) 5月24日至 9月10日


星期一至六: 上午10時至下午6時(七月2日至八月21日星期六4時休館)
星期日: 下午1時至4時(七月2日至八月22日星期日休館)


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Entrance of exhibtion hall, CUHK Library
The title of the exhibition
The Lore of a Laureate
Nobel prize medal
Close-up of Nobel prize medal
Nobel prize diploma
Another view in the exhibition
Books published about his work
Optical Fiber Technology II (Kao, 1981)
About Optical Fiber Technology II
Optical Fiber Systems (Kao, 1982)
About Optical Fiber Systems
Optical Fibre (Kao, 1988)
About Optical Fibre
Samples of optical fibre cords
More samples of optical fibre cords Optical loss in today's 25km of optical fibre Anatomy of an optical fibre cord Internal reflection inside an optical fibre How large is an optical fibre ?
Prof Kao's lecture notes sample 1 Prof Kao's lecture notes sample 2 Congratulatory letter from Chinese Academy of Sciences Congratulatory letter from Ma Ying-jeou Prof Kao's seminal publicaiton in PROC. IEE, Vol. 113, No. 7, JULY 1966

Professor Charles K. Kao and His Contributions to the Information Age


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