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2010 New Year's Day March for Democracy
in Hong Kong

For Rights of Universal Suffrage and Release of Liu Xiaobo

(Fong So's Latest Portraiture of Liu Xiaobo)

1.1.2010 Hong Kong, China

還我普選權 釋放劉曉波

方蘇最新創作 「立即釋放劉曉波

1.1.2010 中國香港

At the front of the march for democracy on 1 January 2010, people holding a huge banner of the portrait of Liu Xiaobo created by Fong So called on China to release Liu Xiaobo... (Apple Daily)


Video on youtube youtube 頻道遊行實錄


Click on an image to view a large version if there is any...

  Fong So created a banner with Liu Xiaobo's portrait for 1.1.10 March Marchers holding Liu Xiaobo's portrait created by Fong So Calling for the release Liu Xiaobo Mirror image of Liu Xiaobo


  Free Liu Xiaobo Fong So and his created portrait of Liu Xiaobo Calling on China to free Liu Xiaobpo  
These photos were taken by anonymous friends who have given chi-yan.net their permission for use on this web page. Their support is hereby gratefully acknowledged.


The following are excerpts from two articles in Chinese on Liu Xiaobo written by Benny Tai* and Ivan Choy Chi-keung** . Charter 08 is a bold manifesto calling for reform of China's one-party political system and the protection of human rights, for which Liu Xiaobo, an intellectual and human rights activist, was convicted on 25 December 2009 by a Beijing Court and sentenced to 11 years of prison for "inciting subversion of state power". Liu Xiaobo was the first to draft and sign the Charter in December 2008 along with more than 300 Chinese citizens and by May 2009 the Charter had collected more than eight thousand signatures from Chinese citizens. Charter 08 was written in the style of the Czechoslovak Charter 77 written by Václav Havel and others, calling for greater freedom of expression, human rights, and for free election.


Wikipedia (2010). Liu Xiaobo. Retrieved January 11, 2010, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liu_Xiaobo

*Benny Tai is Associate Professor, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong ; link to full-text (No English version)

**Ivan Choy Chi-keung is a senior instructor of the Faculty of Government and Public Administration, Chinese University of Hong Kong; link to full-text ; (No English version)









蔡子強﹕歷史將宣判他無罪 明報 dec 31 09

青春,就是如此在鐵窗之下被消磨掉。到了11 年之後,他刑滿出獄,到時他已經會
是一位65 歲的花甲老翁了。




參與聯署行動 /聲援 《劉曉波專輯》

Seminar at HKU on 30 January 2010: The Trial of Liu Xiaobo and Beyond

香港大學研討會: 「從劉曉波的審訊看起」 30.1.2010

Candle-light Vigil Calling for Liu Xiaobo's Release in Hong Kong 12-1- 2010「釋放劉曉波」燭光晚會

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