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|Hong Kong SAR 10 Years On| SAR 10 Years On: Images of Old and New
|Spring in Hong Kong| Countdown to Olympic Games Beijing 2008 |
|March for Democracy |
|People Won't Forget 人民不會忘記:18th June 4 Candle-light Vigil 2007
|20th June 4 Candle-light Vigil 2009| | 22nd June 4 Candle-light Vigil 2009|
|Anniversary Celebrations and March: 10th 11th |
|Fong So's Paintings:SAR 10 Years On 特區十年:方蘇繪畫|
|Fong So's Paintings & Prints 方蘇設色水墨及板畫展|
|Save Queen's Pier 保衛皇后碼頭 |
|For Universal Suffrage by 2012|
My Family and My City: People and History - Paintings/Woodcuts by Fong So 2009
|March for Democracy 1.1.10 |
|Post-80s Generation: Against Express Rail Link|
|21st Anniversary June 4 March 2010|
|Fong So's Work Exhibited in Beijing 方蘇繪畫北京展出|
|Heartfelt congratulations to Liu Xiaobo on winning the Nobel Peace Prize| |衷心祝賀劉曉波獲諾貝爾和平獎|
Fong So's Work Exhibition 2011: Centenary of Xinhai Revolution 方蘇水墨及木刻展覽2011:「辛亥百年現代路」
22nd Anniversary of June 4/100th Anniversary of Xinhai Revolution Candle-light Vigil 2011
|March for Democracy on 1 July 2011|

| 香港回歸十五週年 『七一』民主大遊行 15th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return to China Pro-democracy March 2012
Post-90s Student-Led Movement against National Education in Hong Kong Schools 2012 (Scholarism) 香港90後發起的反對洗腦國民教育運動 2012 (學民思潮)
March for Democracy on New Year's Day 2013
Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong 2014

Hong Kong 2007

In early 2007, I returned to visit my home city of Hong Kong, now the Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, for the first time after being away for more than a decade. I soon came to know that the SAR has changed in many ways as I experienced the life here, talked to the people and explored with a mix of feelings some places in the city where I was born and brought up.

It has almost been ten years now since the sovereignty Hong Kong was returned to China after the British rule for more than 100 years. Though the British regarded Hong Kong as a colony, China had always considered it as a "British-occupied territory" after the Opium War. Hong Kong has since developed into one the world's most affluent cities.

After China reclaimed Hong Kong's sovereignty in 1997 Hong Kong continues to prosper and maintain its status as one of the world's key commercial and financial centres though not without its problems. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to Chinese rule (1 July 2007), China is sending the SAR a pair of lovely giant pandas as gifts but many Hongkongers would rather like to have universal suffrage in election by 2012 as promised by the Basic Law. The following eclectic collection of photos I took recently tell stories of some changes in an exciting place once known as the Pearl of the Orient. Top

Hong Kong SAR 10 Years On

The following images captured by my small digital camera provide a glimpse into the SAR in spring of 2007.


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