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Since I returned from Australia in February 2006, I have had some free time and re-visited some familiar places during the cold winter in Auckland. I captured different images of the city and some trees including some native trees. My palm-sized digital camera with Zeiss lens works amazingly well to produce sharp photos including some close-ups of biological objects! Then I fished out my old binocular microscope from a box covered by thick dust from somewhere in my study. To my greatest surprise I was able to take some digital photomicrographs of the sori (groups of sporangia) on the underside of a specimen Siver fern frond (fern leaf) I collected from the field. The technique is simply to place my digital camera over the eyepiece of the microscope. Both devices have roughly the same calibre. With my improvised set-up, I will be able to take more photomicrographs of other minute biological structures to a magnification of about x20. I am looking forward to exploring more places of biological interest soon.
  Tree Ferns      

Cyathea dealbata (Ponga or Silver fern) is one of the seven species of the family Cyathaceae in New Zealand.


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  Cabbage Tree
(Ti kouka)
The Cabbage tree Cordyline australis is a common native tree
in New Zealand
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