Lantern Festival 2008 Kaohsiung

Beautiful Auckland

World of Plants

Brisbane Images

North Queensland Memories

Hong Kong Images after 2007

Set a World Record for Democracy: March for Universal Suffrage 2012

Fong So's Paintings

Lantern Festival in Kaohsiung 2008

Revisiting Geyserland New Zealand 2008


Countdown to 2009 in Sydney

Taipei Images 2009

New Year in HK 2009

HK Flower Fairs to Welcome Year of the Ox

Flower Show 2009

Some Places of Interest in Hong Kong

Fong So's Art Exhibition 2009

20th June 4 Candle-light Vigil 2009

Countdown to 2010 in Montréal

2010 New Year's Day Pro-democracy March

Post-80s Generation in Hong Kong: Against Express Rail Link

21st Anniversary June 4 March

Congratulations to Liu Xiaobo, the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Paul Horwitz's African Safari 2010

One Day in Shenzhen City, China (April 2010)


HK welcomes Year of Rabbit
Year of the Dragon

Houjie: Factory of the World (Jan 2011)

Zhuhai: SEZ of China (Jan 2011)

HK Disneyland Fireworks display (March 2011)

In Loving Memory of Mr Szeto Wah (Jan 2011)

HK Welcomes Year of the Rabbit (Feb 2011)

June 4 Candle-light Vigil - 2011.6.4

March for Democracy - July 1, 2011

Fong So's Works- Centenary of China's 1911 Revolution : Complete Collection of Works

Hark Yeung's Two Books 2011

Stephen Ng's Photos of Russia 2011

Auckland 2012

Spring in Zhuhai 2012

23 Years On We Have Not Forgotten...

15th Anniversary of
Hong Kong's Return to China
: Pro-democracy March 1.7.2012

Hong Kong: Post-90s Student-Led Protests against Flawed National Education in Schools in 2012

Auckland Winter 2012

Whangarei Spring 2012

Free Liu Xiaobo

In Memory of Dr SY Hu: An Exhibition 2012

Revisiting San Francisco 2013

June 4 Candle-light Vigil in Hong Kong - 2013.6.4

Chinese Astronaut Gives Physics Lesson from Space
(21 June 2013)

March for Genuine Universal Suffrage in Hong Kong 2014
(Apple Daily 2 videos in Cantonese, 1.1.2014 ; 2.1.2014)
[please save videos before opening them]

Taiwan Students Peacefully End Parliament Occupation
(video in Chinese, Apple Daily, 11.04.2014)

June 4th Museum in Hong Kong (Apple Daily video in Chinese)
(Link to old photos)

25 Years On, People Have Not Forgotten...

"Do You Hear the People Sing?" (in Cantonese)

Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong 2014

Beautiful South Island 2015 --Photos by Tony Tsui from Hong Kong

Flowers in My Garden in New Zealand 2015

Mt Eden in Auckland 2015

Gallipoli 100 Years On 2015

Sir Keith Park Aviation Collection, MOTAT, Auckland 2015

Hong Kong CommemoratesJune 4 Victoria Park and other venues 4 June 2015

Hongkongers Marched for Democracy on 1 July 2015 Apple Daily videos: 1, 2

Fong So and Hark Yeung's Exhibitions in London and New York 2015

Umbrella Movement HK 2014

Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement One Year On(Anniversary Video, Apple Daily, 28 Sep 2015)


Year of the Monkey 2016


Taiwan Election 2016

"Ten Years" Wins Best Film

35th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards Winners
(SCMP, 4 April 2016)

Youtube Videos: Movie Trailer Award Ceremony in Cantonese - Link to Youtube (with Chinese subtitles)

Beautiful North Island 2016 (by Tony Tsui)

Twenty-seven Years On
Hongkongers Held Candlelight Vigil
(SCMP, 05.06. 2016,
Apple Daily video, 05.06. 2016, video download )
and Marched to Remember
Tiananmen (
June 4 1989)
(SCMP, 30.05.2016; Apple Daily Video, 30.05.2016 / video download)

Wildlife in Galapagos Islands 2016


Revisiting Muriwai Beach

Spring Flowers in Hong Kong 2017 (by Stephen Ng)

Queenstown 2017 (by Sharon)

Bravo ! New Zealand Wins
the America's Cup 2017 !

Hong Kong and the world mourned Liu Xiaobo on 19.07.17 (Apple Daily, 20.07.17) (BBC, 20.07.17)

Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple, Auckland, NZ, 2017

Welcome to 2018 !

HK welcomes the new year 2018

The beautiful world

Trio leaders of the 2014 Occpy Central/Umbrella Movement Jail Term Overturned (05.02.2018)

Candlelight Vigil 2018
HongKongers have not forgotten, 29 years on... (Apple Daily, 05.06.2018)

New Zealand PM Had a Baby
(21 June 2018)

Paddling into history:
Kiwi Scott Donaldson becomes first solo kayaker to cross Tasman Sea
(NZH, 03.07.2018)

Click to view the journey map (NZH, 03.07.2018)

In Memory Prof Charles K.Kao (1933-2018)
Father of Fibre Optics from Hong Kong:

An Exhibition CUHK in 2010

The 4th Anniversary of
Hong Kong's Umbrella MovementUmbreallaCity
Hark Y's documentary film
(on Youtube)



In Memory of Siu-Kuen Siu
(Chi-Yan's Mum)

Hong Kong Winter 2019

(under construction)

New Zealanders Mourn
Our 50 Sisters and Brothers
(18 March 2019)

NZ mourns 50 sis&bros
"Hate Will Never Win"
Kiwis United in Sorrow
(NZH, 18.03.2019)

(Apple Daily, 28.04.2019)
Hong Kong: 130,000 protested against China extradition law (BBC, 28.04.2019)

Bravo ! Glory for Silver Ferns !

New Zealand's Team
Champions of the Netball World Cup 2019

(New Zealand Herald, 23 July 2019)

Inspired by Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg
Thousands of New Zealand students marched across the country for climate change
27 September 2019

(New Zealand Herald news and video, 27 September 2019)


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