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People Won't Forget

22nd Anniversary June 4 Candle-light Vigil


4.6.2011, Victoria Park, Hong Kong





On June 4, 2011, the Alliance in Support of Patriotic Movements in China organised a candle-light vigil in Hong Kong's Victoria Park to Commemorate the 22nd Anniversary of June 4 and the 100th Anniversary of Xinhai Revolution in China. Over 150,000 people took part in the gathering. I was in the candle-light vigil and witnessed this special democratic gathering. I captured many images and video clips with my simple camera. The images are now arranged in four themes. It seemed that there were more attendees from the mainland in this year's gathering compared to the previous years. The presence of post-80s and post-90s generations were more obvious too. These lovely young people with passions and ideals for democracy have brought new hopes for the democratic movement in Hong Kong and China as the torch of democracy and the fight for rectifying June 4 verdict is being passed on to these younger generations.

The Alliance theme of this year's candle-light vigil is:

" 'Vindicating June 4th, the revolution has not yet succeeded; building democracy, struggle on yet comrades! ' We call for all who are concerned about the democratic development and human rights situation of China to stand firm in the fight to rectify the June 4 verdict, and succeed to the goals of those martyrs of democracy. We would also like to encourage youths
to join our rank in the struggle for democracy, and together we will work towards the building of a prosperous new China that reveres human rights, respects the rule of law and embodies justice!"


會及紀念辛亥革命一百周年, 有超過十五萬人參加。 支聯會定出“ 平反六四,革
命尚未成功;建設民主,同志仍須努力 ”的主題,呼籲所有關注中國民主、人權的

燭光晚會。晚會的參加者不少是來自內地, 比起前幾年,更有多了很多八十後和九


Tomorrow belongs to the young people of the post-80s and post-90s generations...

八十後和九十後年輕人, 明天的世界是你們的...

Dear Tiananmen Mothers, Hong Kong's post-80s and post-90s young people
are supporting you...




May your souls in heaven hear our voices and see tonight's thousands of candle lights;
may you live in peace...




" Vindicating June 4th, the revolution has not yet succeeded; building democracy,
struggle on yet comrades! "

“平反六四,革命尚未成功;建設民主, 同志仍須努力! ”



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From Goddess
of Democracy

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Candle-light Vigil 2008:
to mourn the victims of Sichuan earthquake
and to commemorate the 19th anniversary of the June 4 Crackdown of Democratic Movement

『六四』燭光晚會: 悼念四川大地震死難者 紀念六四事件十九周年

4.6.2008 Hong Kong 香港

Candle-vigil 4-June-2008
The candle light has a dual meaning of sadness on this special night in 2008...TOP
今夜, 在燭光里, 人們懷著兩種哀悼心情...

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