In Loving Memory of Mr Szeto Wah


HK mourns Mr Szeto on 29 Jan 11


Condolences from All Over the World(Chinese/English) 懷念司徒華先生(華叔) 弔唁冊- 世界各地人仕的簽署
"I'd stroll to seek the fountainhead. And there take a seat to admire the sky and watch clouds grow." (Szeto Wah citing Wang Wei, poet of Tang Dynasty)「行到水窮處﹐坐看雲起時」—司徒華


HK Professional Teachers' Union Remembers its Founder by Singing His Favourite Song "Наш Тост(Our Toast)" (YouTube Video in Chinese)

教育界《我們舉杯》歌聲中追憶華叔 (9-1-2011)


FONG SO, HK ARTIST, REMEMBERS UNCLE WAH (Portrait and Text in Chinese only)

更能消幾番風雨─讀辛詞,思華叔 -方蘇

In Memory of Uncle Wah-website created by a group of HK friends (In Chinese only)

紀念華叔的專頁 一群香港的朋友