Hong Kong Flower Show 2009 香港花卉展覽

Victoria Park 維多利亞公園 13-22.3.2009

The Hong Kong Flower Show 2009, presented by the government, aims at promoting people's knowledge and interest, raising public awareness in caring for plants and conserving the environment, as well as encouraging the community's active participation in greening activities. The show also uses "Blossoming Welcome for the EAG" as the theme to publicise the East Asian Games (EAG) to be held in Hong Kong in 2009 with the beautifully coloured Cosmos (Cosmos pipinnatus)("qiū yīng or 秋英" in Chinese) as the theme flower.
    Cosmos, also known as "Shanghai Jú (Chinese for chrysanthemum)", is a herbaceous annual, native of Mexico and widely planted all over the world after its introduction to Europe in the 18th century. The colourful, glamorous and vibrant displays of a variety of blooming flowering plants and other horticultural products of organisations and sponsors from some 20 countries. The highlights of the show feature the emblems and mascots the East Asian Games. Have a look at some lovely images captured on the second day of the show, a day with clear blue skies..



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