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Walking in a Space of Assorted Times

Hark Yeung's Two Books

Photo Exhibition 2011 at HKUST

My friend Hark Yeung is a Hong Kong writer and photographer. She is the author of Hong Kong SOHO (in Chinese) and Walking on the Melting Point (a novel in English). Since 1988, she has been a journalist and photographer. Having visited and written about Europe. Asia and the Americas, she is now publishing two books Why do People in Norwich Look Young? and Will Hong Kong Continue to be a Place with Good Luck?

It was a pleasure to be invited by Hark to the opening ceremony on 7 November 2011 and with my tiny camera I captured some images of her exhibition. My photos appeared to be not doing enough justice to the professional works of hers. For more about Hark's books and photographs, please visit her website at I hope this page can introduce Hark's works to you, netizens of the world, and that those of you from Hong Kong will be interested in visiting the exhibition open to all up to 20 November 2011; and for those from other parts of the world, you may be interested in reading her two books which were launched on 21 November 2011.



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