The Centenary of China's 1911 (Xinhai) Revolution


Hong Kong Artist Fong So's Paintings and Woodcut Prints Exhibition


5.9.2011 — 15.10.2011

2011年是辛亥革命一百週年。為了這個有特殊意義的百年紀念,周勇平、洪清田、繆 熾宏、方蘇及陳祖雄在2010年成立了工作小組籌劃一個展覽,展出方蘇新繪製的水墨及木刻版畫系列,名為「辛亥百年現代路」,其重點是中國現代化之路和香港的 特殊角色。

辛亥革命帶來亞洲第一個民主共和國,奮起扭轉清末的頹敗,直面中國的痼疾,開 啟中國的現代化和文化復興,進行體制再造。百多年來,孫中山先生等志士仁人致 力開創歷史,但他們的心願至今尚未真正實現。這個百年鬱結,現試以藝術形式探 索及呈示。際此辛亥革命百年,我們呈獻這個繪畫及木刻系列,旨在探討百年歷程 的波折,放眼過去、現在和將來。

整個系列先在香港的大專院校舉行首展,之後希望轉赴外地展出。經聯繫接觸,香 港大學、香港中文大學崇基學院及香港科技大學於2011年9月起展出方蘇這個辛亥系列。詳情如下:

1. 香港大學 (大學圖書館) 5.9.2011-15.10.2011 網頁
2. 香港中文大學崇基學院(崇基學院行政樓 大堂展覽廳) 6.9.2011-30.9.2011網頁
3. 香港科技大學 (曾肇添展藝廳) 5.9.2011-18.9.2011 網頁



2011 marks the centennial of China's 1911 (Xinhai) Revolution.  Chow Yung-ping, Hung Ching-tin,  Mau Chi-wang, Fong So and John Chan Cho-hung are working on an ambitious exhibition project of Fong So's new series of brush-and-ink paintings and woodcut prints entitled THE CENTENARY OF THE XINHAI REVOLUTION. The project will focus on China's road to modernisation and the unique role played by Hong Kong.

The Revolution in 1911 brought about the downfall of the Qing dynasty and the birth of the first republic in Asia. It marked a historical change of China, putting an end to the imperial system as China moved on with the hard struggle for political, social and cultural reforms. Over the past 100 years, Dr Sun Yat-sen, his followers and many political leaders have endeavoured to create epoch-making changes in China but their goals have not really been achieved till now. This project attempts to untie this century-old knot through an artist's exploration and depiction. On approaching the centenary of Xinhai, we are making an attempt, through this project, to present a collection of artworks reviewing what China has been through and what the future holds for us.

The plan is to have the debut shows in some local universities in this year, before the exhibition tours on to other places. Now the exhibition plans have been confirmed with the University of Hong Kong (HKU), Chung Chi College, the Chinese University of Kong Kong (CUHK) and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), and to showcase Fong So's Xinhai series. Exhibitions in the three universities will start in September 2011 are as follows:

1.HKU (Main library): September 5 to October 15 , 2011 Link

2.CUHK (Lobby gallery, Chung Chi College Administrative Building): September 6 to 30, 2011 Link

3.HKUST (Tsang Shiu Tim Art Hall): September 5 to 18, 2011 Link

The exhibition in the three venues from September to October 2011 featured 35 paintings and woodcut prints of Fong So. The following are the images of all the works provided by the artist:


The Late Age The Rivals Last Emperor The Peace Talks The Oath
Cutting off the Pigtails The Provisional Govt A Relapse The Autocrat The Chaotic Era
The May 4th Movement The Reorganization The Final Wishes Arousing the Masses The Canonization
The Prolonged Emnity The War-torn Years The Deification Process The Leader The Democracy Wall
The Goddess The Post-Chiang Taiwan HK: A long Rad Ahead The Mentors The Big Bandits
The Overseas Supporters The Tsien Shop The Nameless Tombstone The Alliance The Two Revolts

The Yellow Flower Ridge

The Accidental Success Revisiting HK Waiting The Arab Spring

Note: For those who read the English translation of the captions of the paintings and woodcut prints, please note that these captions have not been updated and they may differ slightly from those published in the DVD of the Catalogue.

方蘇的「辛亥百年現代路」水墨及木刻版畫系列,由12件木刻及23幅水墨畫所組成。 對木刻版畫作品(全部是手印的套色木刻版畫,而每件木刻只限量印製12至18個版本)有興趣的收藏家,現可以電郵以下人士,查詢詳情及價目表︰

方蘇 <>


The full collection of Fong So's Xinhai series consists of 12 woodcut prints and 23 brush-and-ink paintings. The woodcut prints (all hand printed, multi-colour, with a very limited edition of 12-18 each) are now available for interested collectors. For details (including the price list), please contact:

Chow Yung Ping <>
Hung Ching Tin <>
Mau Chi Wang <>
Fong So <>
Other Works of Fong So

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