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Art Exhibition
My Family and My City: People and History
Paintings and Woodcuts by Fong So

Exhibition Venue:
Park Court, Pacific Place
Level 1, Park Court, Pacific Place
88 Queensway, Hong Kong

November 6 to November 9, 2009
(Opening : 6-7.30pm, Friday, November 6, 2009)





開幕 (不設儀式)


展場: 太古廣場
          香港金鐘道 88 號太古廣場
展期:2009 年11 月6  至9日

Artist/Producer: Fong So, Fong & Yeung Studio
Host: Christine Loh, Civic Exchange
Project Advisor: Mau Chi Wang

   Civic-Exchange: Ms Iris Chan 2893 0213/
   Mr. Mau Chi Wang (Project Advisor): 96441260/
   Fong So (Fong & Yueng Studio): 92202202/

*This exhibition is a strictly non-commercial event.


Fong So at the opening

項目顧問: 繆熾宏

    思匯政策研究所: Iris Chan  2893 0213/
    繆熾宏先生 (項目顧問):96441260/
    楊方創作室 :方蘇  92202202/


Wong Chi Ching ( university professor) "A Duologue"

再次重溫。  每一幅方蘇的畫

(...How many years, how many lofty sentiments
and how many friends have
we left behind? We can now
reminisce about all these together as we enjoy the wine in our glasses.
Each of the portraits by Fong So has made me nostalgic -- let’s revisit the
vanished years together; let our lofty sentiments return; and friends, please come back. Come on, let’s raise
our glasses and drink to ourselves for a life with no regrets. )

*Fong & Yeung Studio (2009).My Family and My City: People and History. Hong Kong: Fong & Yeung Studio, p. 44 & p.59

All Real-Persons Portraits
  An Epitome of a Period of History
  An Exhibition Dedicated to All Hongkongers




Board of Directors for "Nineties Monthly" Magazine



Come to see this Exhibition - an
exhibition about you and for you.
Come to see our city folks,
meet our common old friends,
take pictures, remind ourselves
of us and our shared past, and
have a special mental journey and
a dialogue with history.
This collection of real-persons portraits
are put in two groups. The small
group tells the artist’s family history
through his portrayal of some family
members. The large group captures
the lives and moments of some
long-time friends of the artist. A few
of them are public figures;
while most are not. All th characters
in these portraits are situated in the
historical contexts that tell stories
about them. Taken as a whole,
this series of paintings and woodcuts
can, to a certain extent, epitomize
a period of history.

 Fong So and his mom - "Under the Clock Tower"


重拾你們的記憶,回顧你們心路歷程 ,

Szeto Wah (retired educator/unionist...) - "New Year Wishes"

Louie Kin-sheun & Wong Ain-ling (historian & film history researcher) - "The Frenchified"

Kam-biu Liu (university professor & founder of paleotempestology) - "Courting Typhoons"
Ching Cheong (journalist)- "The Narrow Exit"

Ricky S. Chiu (accountant) - "A Hong Kong New Yorker"
Chi-Yan Tsui (online science educator) - "The Track Behind"
The venue from an upper level before the opening
The exhibition brings together friends from over 30 years
Fong So has portrayed his long-time friends in the city
Christine Loh, the host of the exhibition
© 2009 Fong & Yeung Studio

© 2009-2013 CY Tsui

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