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14 February 2010

Dear Netizen Friends,

How are you? Thank you indeed for visiting my website. You are likely to be from the USA, China, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, Russian Federation, UK, Italy or Indonesia (in a descending order of the numbers of visitors by country/region according to the server records). This is my first e-letter for you.

Today is a very special day. Not only is it the New Year Day of the Year of the Tiger according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, it is also the Valentine's Day for the world's lovers. The Chinese New Year's Day is being celebrated today by all Chinese or about one-fifth of humanity in China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and many countries and regions, just as many people of the world are celebrating the Valentine's Day. Let me wish you all a Happy New Year for the Year of the Tiger and belatedly for the year 2010 !

Happy New Year ! 虎年快乐! 新年进步! Kia Ora! Happy New Year! 虎年快樂! 恭喜發財! G'day! Happy New Year!
Glücklices Neues Jahr ! С Новым годом! Happy New Year! Felice Anno Nuovo! Selamat Tahun Baru !

and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!...to you all !

I created this website in 2005 while I was a lonely traveller and job seeker in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I tried some programming skills using JAVA language and tested the products here but soon this website served to connect me to my friends, old and new, across the world. Later as a freelancer providing some professional services to overseas universities and education journals, I included on this website my personal profile. Five years on, I am now living in Hong Kong, my home city but the images I have since captured in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Hong Kong continue to be the major part of this website telling some stories of my recent life journey. The website also features photos from my friendsI wish I could spend more time updating different pages on this site, particularly those on science education but unfortunately, this has not yet been done.

I must tell my friends and mentors across different time zones that I continue to enjoy a leisurely lifestyle in Hong Kong. Apart from my work as an online editor, translator and reviewer, I have time to read new books, take part in weekly hiking and regularly play badminton with friends. I have been thinking of you quite often, particularly those in Australia and in the USA.

Hong Kong is still the city or the only place in China where we can enjoy freedom of speech and freedom of assembly in an increasingly democratic society. Though the road to democracy is never smooth here, many Hongkongers are working hard to demand universal suffrage as soon as possible. The year 2009 saw the emergence of the so-called post-80s generation who will likely join the pan-democratic camp in the campaigns for a more just, more equal and more democratic society in the Hong Kong SAR of China. Some images I captured of their protests against the building of the Express Rail Link vividly illustrate people power of this generation. I believe Hong Kong will continue to make more contributions in many ways to a better China of tomorrow.

It's a cold winter here in Hong Kong and the winter is particularly cold in China this year but spring will soon come.

Wish you good health and happiness !