Chinese Astronaut Gives Physics Lesson from Space (21 June 2013)

中國太空人向6,000萬師生授物理課 (21.06.2013)

Welcome to Space Physics 101 - taught by three astronauts floating in zero gravity aboard the Tiangong-1 space orbiter. This was the scene that greeted 60 million mainland students yesterday morning in a live broadcast from space...

「神舟十號」太空人昨日在距離地球300多公里的太空,首次為中國8萬多間學校、6,000多萬名師生開了一堂太空授課。課堂由女太空人王亞平主講,指令長聶海勝做助教,張曉光擔任攝影師。昨日早上十點許,「天宮一號」與中國人民大學附屬中學連成雙向通訊連接,進行即時視像授課,王授課後回覆了世界第一位太空教師美國女教師摩根的電郵,感謝她的鼓勵和關心。 中新網 ...

(SCMP, 21 June 2013) (蘋果互動,21.06.2013

China's Space Lecture 1

China’s astronaut Wang Yaping used spinning tops, a ball, water and a fellow astronaut to explain physics in zero-gravity.

China's Sapce lecture 2

Wang Yaping took questions live from students in Beijing

China's Space Lecture 3

Wang Yaping made a water ball as part of her physics demonstration.


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