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People of Hong Kong
Protest against the China Extradition Bill
and demand for democracy and freedom
from June 2019 to January 2020


More protests are on the way...

Hong Kong anti-gvernment pro-promocracy protests continue into 2020

Hundreds arrested at huge New Year’s Day rally in Hong Kong
Police detain 400 and fire teargas
as anti-government protests continue into 2020

(BBC News) (The Guardian news)

Hong Kong protesters: winner of Time's 2019 Person of the Year reader poll
(More than 30% of 27 million of readers voted for them)

800,000 Hongkongers marched peacefully
on Human Rights Day for freedom and democracy

8 December 2019

(BBC video) (Apply Daily video)

(Epoch Times photos)

380,000 Hongkongers marched to renew calls for freedom and democracy
1 December 2019

(SCMP video, Epoch video, Epoch Times, 1 December 2019)

Hong Kong elections:
Huge gains for pro-dem
ocracy groups
taking 90% of the local councils seats
24 November 2019

(BBC, 25 November 2019)

Thousands of Hong Kong people continue to take to the streets in different regions of the city demanding freedom and democracy


HK protest on 5-Oct-2019
CNN photo

Protesters' song: Glory to Hong Kong
Multilingual version
(YouTube video)


Darren Mann: International humanitarian norms are violated in Hong Kong (correspondence in Lancet, 21 Novemeber 2019) pdf

Voice of a journalist: Hong Kong is trying to impose Tiananmen by stealth
– Carrie Lam herself is now the ‘enemy of the people’

Hong Kong academic (Prof Simon Shen) called on global academic community
to condemn HK police brutality in university campuses:

Signed petition on 13 November 2019

Hong Kong unarmed demonstrator shot by police at close range amid citywide morning protests
(The Guardian, 11 November 2019)

Hong Kong student protester's death sparked impromptu protests and vigils
(BBC news, 9 November 2019)

Opinion | 'It is a war here now.' Inside Hong Kong's fight for freedom. . Washington Post YouTube video


Hong Kong student protester's death sparked impromptu protests and vigils
(BBC news, 9 November 2019)

Tens of thousands of Hongkongers mourned the dead student protester
(10 November 2019, Apple Daily video screenshot)

Opinion | 'It is a war here now.' Inside Hong Kong's fight for freedom. . Washington Post YouTube video

Thousands of people took to the streets in different regions of the city over the weekend (5-6 October)
to protest against the face mask ban


Carrie Lam activated emergency powers (colonial-era emergency regulations ordinance of 1922) to ban face masks at demonstrations
(The Guardian, 5 October 2019) (CNN news, 5 October 2019)

HK protest on 5-Oct-2019
CNN photo

Police continue to use violence and force against protesters

Mike Chinoy writes on YaleGlobal Online (1 Oct 2019):

Could Hong Kong Become Belfast?

"The crowds surged through the streets, demanding basic political rights. They were met by club-wielding riot police firing teargas and rubber bullets. The clashes became routine, reflecting the gap between an aroused populace and an isolated and unresponsive government.
This sounds very much like Hong Kong, where I live, in the summer of 2019, but in fact describes Northern Ireland 50 years ago. As the crisis in Hong Kong shows no sign of resolution, the strife increasingly resembles the early years of what became known as “the Troubles”– a conflict that lasted 30 years and left 3000 people dead. I covered Northern Ireland as a journalist in the 1970s and 1980s. Over the last three years, I have studied that history in detail while researching and writing a book about the life of the late Professor Kevin Boyle, a leader of the Northern Ireland civil rights movement and later a prominent human rights lawyer..."

More protests in Hong Kong as China celebrated its 70th anniversary: Protester shot by live round

(BBC news and video, 2 October 2019)

Glory to Hong Kong 《願榮光歸香港》
Multilingual version
(YouTube video)

Hong Kong people continue to protest
(not accepting Carrie Lam's withdrawal of China extraction bill)
for all 5 demands
as police continue to use
more violence against protesters

(BBC news) (CNN news)

Police violence against innocent citizens at metro station on 31 August 2019
(Guardian video)
(YouTube video)


Global Anti-totalitarianism
(in China) Day protest rally

Aotea Square, Auckland, New Zealand

29 September 2019
(Youtube video)

(photos by CY Tsui)



with Anson Chan
Former Chief Secretary of HK Government

(YouTube video, 17 September 2019 Play video)


Hong Kong People Protesting
while celerating the Mid-Autumn Festival
13 September 2019

(YouTube video1_English; video2_Chinese)

"Glory to Hong Kong (願榮光歸香港) ! "
(in English;
in Chinese)
Protesters in Hong Kong gathered in shopping malls across the territory
in support of the pro-democracy movement.

The song "Glory to Hong Kong" has been adopted by the demonstrators as their unofficial anthem. The peaceful gathering marked a moment of respite
after violent clashes over the weeken

(Guardian news and video)
(More songs:"Do you hear people sing?" "Umbrella Revolution")

Thousands of uniformed secondary students
from 138 schools formed human chains
in support of pro-democracy protests for all 5 demands
9 September 2019

(Apple Daily photos more news and photos) (Time video)

(Joshua Wong's twitter on 4-Sep-19)


Thousands of secondary school and university students have boycotted classes in Hong Kong, in the latest pro-democracy protests

2 September 2019

(BBC news)

Special Report: Hong Kong leader says she would 'quit' if she could, fears her ability to resolve crisis now 'very limited' (Reuters, 3 September 2019)


“Hong Kong Way 香港之路”:
Hong Kong's human chain protest of 60km by 210,000 people against extradition bill and for democracy

23 August 2019
(30 years after the peaceful human chain protest by millions of people across Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania...)

BBC video HKCNEWS video


People of Hong Kong Against China Extradition Bill
Huge Protests from June to September 2019


More than 1.7 million people in Hong Kong marched
in a major rally against China Extradition Law and police brutality
as pro-democracy protests entered 11th week in a row
18 August 2019
(BBC news) (Guardian video, VoA video)

(Apple Daily Photo, 18 August 2019)

(Apple Daily, 19 August 2019)

Notes for non-Chinese speakers: the headlines in red and white in Chinese respectively mean
"1.7 million peaceful, rational and no-violent (protesters)";Uphold our original aspirations (for democracy)"

housands of Hong Kong teachers marched
against China Extradition Law for the next generation
17 August 2019

(Youtube video)

Police fired tear gas across downtown
including into enclosed MTR rail station

11 August 2019
(BBC News, 11 August 2019)

Hong Kong General Strikes and Protests
Paralysed the City
5 August 2019

(BBC News, YouTube video)

Hong Kong Civil Servants Protested
Against China Exradition Law
2 August 2019
YouTube video1

Armed mob stormed rail station
and attacked passengers and people returning from protest at night after
tens of thousands of Hongkongers continued to march
protesting against China Extradition Law
21 July 2019
(BBC news, 22 July 2019)

More than 200,000 Hong Kong Protesters Peacefully Marched against China Extradition Law
Aiming at Explaining to Mainland Visitors 7 July 2019

HKCNEWS Photo "'(Pro-democracy) Flowers Blooming at Admiralty, Leaves Propagating in Kowloon': Protesters Tell Mainland Tourists that Democracy is Good !" (in Chinese)

DWnews video
Vox video

Hundreds of Protesters Smashed into the Legislative Council Building
as about 550,000 Hongkongers Peacefully Marched on the Streets Demanding Full Withdrawal
of China Extradition Law and Carrie Lam's Resignation
1 July 2019

(BBC video, pictures, 1 July 2019)

(hkcnews, 2 July 2019)

New Protests in Hong Kong (Newshub-NZ, 29 June 2019)

Carrie Lam Apologised and Announced Suspension of Extradition Law

Hong Kong People: "...unacceptable...too little, too late !"

Tens of Thousands of Protesters Continued to Occupy Main Roads
Demanding Full Withdrawal of Extradition Law and
Students Surrounded Police Headquarters
Calling for the Police to Drop Charges against Arrested People
21 June 2019

(BBC, 21 June 2019) (TearCity - A Hark Y Film, June 2019) (G20 HK Assembly by Hark Y, June 2019)

(Apple Daily, 22 June 2019)

TWO Million and ONE HK People Marched Demanding Withdrawal of China Extradition Law
and "Resignation of Carrie Lam" on 16 June 2019

(BBC, 17 June 2019) (Apple Daily Photo, 17 June 2019)

Tens of Thousands of Protesters surrounding Hong Kong's Legislative Council Building
against the China Extradition Law
12 June 2019

More than One Million Hongkongers Protested against China Extradition Law
9 June 2019

(HKCNEWS Photo, 12 June 2019) ("The amazing unity of Hongkongers to voice", Apple Daily, 10 June 2019)
(BBC, 9 June 2019) (The Guardian, 9 June 2019) AFP Video 1 AFP Video 2(Aerial view)