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Fong So's Work Exhibition 2011: Centenary of Xinhai Revolution 方蘇水墨及木刻展覽2011:「辛亥百年現代路」

22nd Anniversary of June 4/100th Anniversary of Xinhai Revolution Candle-light Vigil 2011

|March for Democracy on 1 July 2011|

香港回歸十五週年 『七一』民主大遊行 15th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return to China Pro-democracy March 2012

Post-90s Student-Led Movement against National Education in Hong Kong Schools 2012 (Scholarism) 香港90後發起的反對洗腦國民教育運動 2012 (學民思潮)





15th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return to China

Pro-democracy March


全靠中聯辦扶植低票當選,復因隱瞞僭建誠信破產的梁振英,昨日就任特首幾小時後的首項「政績」,就是引發了40萬市民上街;是自03年、04年後,最大規模的7.1遊行。盡失人心的梁振英甫上台即變跛腳鴨,面臨嚴峻的管治危機。昨日遊行,市民由下午驕陽似火走到晚上煙花爆發。照耀新政府總部上空的燦爛煙火中,地上群眾爆發的呼聲,卻是憤怒的「梁振英,下台!」...(蘋果日報, 2.7.2012) (網頁

As many as 400,000 people took part in the pro-democracy march, as the organisers claimed, on 1 July 2012 in Hong Kong, the 15th anniversary of the return of the sovereignty of Hong Kong to China. Organised by the Civil Human Rights Front, the march had two major themes. The first was about people's dissatisfaction with the new Chief Executive C. Y. Leung calling on him to step down because of his lack of credibility and integrity. Marchers also called on the Chinese Government to fully investigate the death of Li Wangyang, a June 4 dissident who, according to the authorities, committed suicide amid obviously suspicious circumstances. Shortly before his death, Li was interviewed by the Hong Kong Cable TV and said that the June 4 incident must be vindicated. There were also various groups airing their grievances, including mainland petitioners from various parts of China calling on the Central government to investigate their unjust cases...


(My many thanks go to two friends who sent me some photos I was unable to take during the march.)


Two major themes of the march

Posters on a car about the two major and other themes of the march

HKU students against white terror and China's interference with HK's governance

"Our parents came here to escape from communism but please don't make our children return there..."

"We want true universal suffrage not patriotic education"

Marchers advancing to Central

A banners in black on a flyover satirises DAB Party's unconditional support of the government for 15 years

Unjust case of Li Wangyang

Looming shadows of marchers

"CY Leung a big liar"

"Young marchers everywhere

"We want the truth
(Li Wangyang's case)"

Cartoons satirising the political figures"

Marching into the HK CBDN

No confidence in CY Leung

Nearing the new Government Offices Building

UUnder the new Government Offices Building

Demanding universal pension in HK

Mainland petitioners in HK

Calling on CY Leung to resign

Can HK trust CY Leung? (Time magazine)


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