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New York City
Baton Rogue (- 1hr)

Hong Kong police arrested executives of Apple Daily (the only pro-democracy newspaper in Hong Kong) and seized 3 million in assets...

Amnesty International: Hong Kong Apple Daily raid, arrests, a brazen attack on press freedom

(news.com.au, 18-Jun-21; BBC, 17-Jun-21)

6.12 Global Campaign for Hong Kong London Rally
(Youtube video. 14 June 2021)

(More about HK..)

Footage proves bats were kept in Wuhan lab

Interview with Dr Quay: Novel coronavirus has a ‘signature’ never ‘seen in this virus class before’

(Sky.news.com.au, Sharri Markson, 13/14 June 2021)

The lab-leak theory: Inside the fight to uncover
COVID-19’s origins
Throughout 2020, the notion that the novel coronavirus leaked from a lab was off-limits. Those who dared to push for transparency say toxic politics and hidden agendas kept us in the dark.

(Vanity Fair, 3 June 2021)

(Current COVID pandemic situation)


EXCLUSIVE: ...COVID-19 was created by Chinese scientists who then tried to cover their tracks with 'retro-engineering' to make it seem like it naturally arose from bats...*
(Daily Mail, 29 May 2021)

*Sørensen, Susrud, & Dalgleish's (2021) study report will be published in Quarterly Review of Biophysics Discovery

Hong Kong pro-Democracy leaders get prison sentences for a 2019 protest

(NPR, 28 May 2021) (BBC, 27 May 2021) (NYT, 27 May 2021) (More about HK..)

Why scientists are suddenly more interested in the lab-leak theory of Covid's origin
(CNN, 26 May 2021)

(BBC, 25 May 2021)(The Guardian, 26 May 2021) (Reuter, 24 May 2021)
(Die Welt, 27 May 2021) (Le Monde, 28 May 2021)
読売新聞 [Yomiuri Shibun], 27 May 2021)
(Scientists' Letter to Science, 14 May 2021)
(Current COVID pandemic situation)

Leaked Chinese document reveals a sinister plan to ‘unleash’ coronaviruses
(News.com.au, 8 May 2021)

Worrying new clues about the origins of Covid: How scientists at Wuhan lab helped Chinese army in secret project to find animal viruses
(IAN BIRRELL, Dailymail, 25 April 2021)

Hong Kong: Jailing of opposition figures over protests is violation of international law (Amnesty International, 16-Apr-21) (More about HK..)

Statement from the HKUSU on the overhaul of the electoral system in the HKSAR by China's Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress
(Facebook; 7-Apr-21) (More about HK..)

New Zealand wins the 36th America's Cup

Photo/Ricky Wison

Team New Zealand welcomed by thousands of fans into Auckland's viaduct
(NZH, 17 March 2021)


Hongkongers had held a candle-light vigil in Victoria Park every year since 1990 until last year. People remembered "June 4" crackdown in 1989 in Beijing near Tiananmen Square where many protesting students and citizens were killed by the Chinese army to suppress the months of massive protests for democracy, freedom and political reform.
They can no longer do it this year !




Hongkongers remembered June 4
on its 31st anniversary for the last time in 2020

4 June 2020 Victoria Park Hong Kong
六四31 香港维園

Tiananmen anniversary: Hong Kongers marked crackdown despite ban
(BBC, 4 June 2020)


"64-30" A documentary film by Hark Y
Photographs by Hark Y and Fong So
and artwork by Fong So

Candle-light vigil in Victoria Park, Hong Kong
4 June 2019

(YouTube video, MP4 file)


City of Fear: The Death of Democracy in Hong Kong
(ABC, 9 February 2021)

A Defiant City: A new sketch album of Fong So (a Hong Kong artist) on mass protest movement 2019-2020

Mass arrests of Hong Kong opposition lawmakers, activists under national security law
(SCMP, 6 January 2021

All of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy lawmakers resigned
(DW News, 12 November 2020)

Ai Weiwei: "Today is the darkest day for Hong Kong"
(BBC, 1 July 2020)

Chris Patten: Hong Kong 'betrayed' by China
(NZH, 25 May 2020)

Hong Kong: Pompeo condemns China’s law as ‘death knell’ for freedoms
(BBC, 22 May 2020)

Protesters say China's new security law would erode Hong Kong's freedoms (Getty Image)

Countries Decry Beijing’s Move to Tighten Grip Over Hong Kong
(The Epoch Times, May 23, 2020)

China is using the cover of coronavirus to escalate its repression in Hong Kong
(WP, March 5, 2020)

Protesters' song: Glory to Hong Kong
Multilingual version (YouTube video)



Hong Kong anti-government pro-democracy protests continue into 2020
People of Hong Kong against China Extradition Bill
calling for freedom and democracy promised by the Basic Law
Huge protests since June 2019


(CNN) (Worldometer) (NZ coronavirus live update) (COVID-19 NZ Interactive Map)

Jonathan Latham and Allison Wilson: A proposed origin of SARS-nCoV2
and the COVID-19 pandemic
(Scoop News NZ, 11 August 2020)

Hong Kong virologist claiming China "covered up" coronavirus data speaks out
(Fox, July 14, 2020)

Whistleblower, Dr Li-Meng Yan who fled Hong Kong accused Beijing of COVID cover-up, "I know how they treat whistleblowers" (FOX, July 10, 2020)

N E W !
Yan et al. (2020b). SARS-CoV-2 Is an unrestricted bioweapon: A truth revealed through uncovering a large-scale, organized scientific fraud

Yan et al. (2020a).Unusual features of the SARS-CoV-2 genome suggesting sophisticated laboratory modification rather than natural evolution and delineation of its probable synthetic route (ResearchGate)

Rats and the COVID-19 pandemic: Early data on the global emergence of rats in response to social distancing - Study by Parsons et al.(2020)
(An online article from The Preprint Server for Health Sciences)

Authors: Michael H. Parsons, Yasushi Kiyokawa, Jonathan L Richardson, Rafal Stryjek, Kaylee A. Byers, Chelsea G Himsworth, Robert M Corrigan, Michael A Deutsch, Masato Ootaki, Tsutomu Tanikawa, Faith E Parsons, Jason Munch-South doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.07.05.20146779

The cover-up of the century:
A new documtary on how CCP covered up the coronavirus outbreak

(NTD, June 28, 2020)

Australia hails global support for independent coronavirus investigation
Draft resolution to the World Health Assembly calling for impartial evaluation of responses to the pandemic does not mention China, but is backed by 122 countries (The Guardian, 18 May 2020)

First documentary on the origin of the Wuhan coronavirus
(The Epoch Times, April 2020)

Special Report: The Coronavirus Pandemic's Wall Street Connection
(NTD, May 10, 2020)

More on the coronavirus pandemic 2020...


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